Hi, I’m Jane, an HR professional, blogger, and speaker. I believe that as leaders and HR practitioners, we need to bring a new humility and curiosity to address and prevent sexual harassment in organizations.

I’ve spent the last year on a journey to understand why employees are as likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace today as they were 30 years ago, despite all the steps that many of our organizations have taken to stop it.

In the last year I’ve been fortunate to have conversations with survivors and targets of harassment, HR professionals, lawyers, advocates, educators, and even some scientists. All this in an effort to understand why sexual harassment remains such a pervasive problem in our organizations, and what HR’s approach should be in a post-#MeToo world

Along the way I realized that I should share what I was learning, particularly after fellow HR professionals began reaching out to me after I wrote blog posts or spoke about workplace sexual harassment. I decided to launch this site as a way to share thinking, resources, and research I was finding helpful, in hopes others will find it helpful too.

If you’re looking for something specific, or seeking a speaker on this topic, please get in touch via the Contact page!


Latin;  apertus m (feminine aperta)

  1. opened, open, free; public; having been opened
  2. uncovered, exposed, having been uncovered
  3. frank, clear, manifest
  4. (of a sky) cloudless